we make beautiful
adornments born
from the elements
and inspired by paradise

  • honoring the elements

    we believe in

    honoring the elements

    We honor the water, minerals, salts, and stones. From the materials we use to the causes we support, we give back to the sea what it gives to our soul.

  • simplifying self-expression

    we believe in

    simplifying self-expression

    We free ourselves to discover what we love and wear what we're connected to. Because even with a closet full of options, we'll always choose what’s effortlessly us.

  • savoring the experience

    we believe in

    savoring the experience

    We seek new ways to capture and extend the magic of the fleeting moments that move us. We know experiences, not things, are the real treasures.

“Each symbol is a tool of self-discovery & self-expression.Each wearer’s personal compilation is a way to help communicate more openly about how each of us got here as well as what we envision our next chapter to be, in order to inspire and to help not just ourselves, but each other & the next generation to live more fulfilling lives.”

Erika Rayman, Founder

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