Asked Questions

  • Why do I need Dorne?

    Do you like going to the beach or lounging poolside with friends and looking super cute? Do you like jewelry? Do you want to spice up your go-to string bikini, or give your bikini a new look each day, or pack fewer swimsuits on your next trip? If you answered yes to any of these questions, run, don’t walk, because you NEED Dorne.
  • How Does Dorne Work?

    Dorne Bikini Jewelry is a new concept and category of body jewelry. It makes a plain black bikini look different each time you’re wearing it, or adds a striking accent piece to effortlessly elevate your pool or beach game.

    Designed as a modular system, Dorne consists of 3 parts: Dorne Bonds, Dorne Connections and Dorne Mementos. Bonds open and click directly onto your swimsuit as the foundation of your look and are available in different sizes. Mementos tell your unique story, and open to clip securely to the Bonds (you can fit up to 3 Mementos to a Bond). Connections have a hinge clasp to attach to Bonds or Mementos for optional length and variety to create spellbinding movement. Learn More
  • Can I wear this with any swimwear?

    From bikinis to one-pieces, we’ve got you covered! Our patent-pending modular jewelry system is designed to attach to swimwear straps, tops, bottoms (and even bags, sunglasses, ski suits, necklaces…). The foundation of your look is Dorne Bonds that open and click directly onto your swimsuit. Available in different sizes, our Bonds fit a variety of swimsuits. From there you can mix and match any combination of Dorne Connections and Mementos. For even more inspiration follow us on Instagram @xodorne.
  • What is the difference between Bonds, Connections and Mementos?

    Bonds open and click directly onto your swimsuit as the foundation of your look. Available in different sizes, every Bond has a hoop to connect Connections and/or Mementos to. Connections have a hinge clasp to attach to Bonds or Mementos for added length and variety; Mementos are your individual tokens of memories, travels, and self and are made to mix, match or wear solo. Mementos open to clip securely to Bonds (or Connections).
  • Can I Design my Own Set?

    Yes! Head to Dorne’s Design Studio to mix, match and stack any pieces and let your swimwear tell a story as original as you.
  • Can I swim with Dorne? Or jump off a yacht with Dorne?

    Yes and yes. We design durable, high-quality jewelry to go wherever your amazing adventures take you. This is because our UltraShine™ ion-plating technology coats 18K yellow or white gold on a stainless steel base to make every piece waterproof, tarnish-proof and hypo-allergenic. And the yacht jumping? Been there, tried that, yacht jumping approved. Follow us at @xodorne to see the proof!
  • What are Dorne pieces made of?

    All of our jewelry is ion-plated with 18K yellow or white gold on hypo-allergenic stainless steel. Depending on the style and collection, our pieces also incorporate colorful enamel detailing, freshwater pearls, cowrie shells, green jade, red agate, and cubic zirconia.
  • What are the care instructions?

    Each piece in the Dorne collection is made with love and ready for your next adventure. Protected with UltraShine™ technology that coats 18K yellow or white gold on a stainless steel base, Dorne jewelry is waterproof, tarnish-proof and hypo-allergenic.
    Preserve Dorne’s signature glow and finish with these easy care instructions:
    • Always rinse your pieces with a splash of cold, soapy water and dry thoroughly, especially after prolonged exposure to chlorinated or salt water.
    • Elevate your jewelry care routine by using a specialized jewelry cleaning cloth and by storing each piece in its original pouch.
    • Make sure you enjoy every moment to the fullest along the way!
  • Do you have a warranty?

    We take pride in our craftsmanship and the quality of our jewelry, and offer a lifetime warranty. Normal wear and tear is excluded, anything else just contact us at contact@dorne.com.
  • What is your sustainability policy?

    We believe in responsible consumption, so design beautiful pieces that last. We treat the ocean as a precious resource, and every piece sold recovers 2.2lbs of ocean-bound plastic to save our oceans and ocean-life, and help local communities. And it’s all trackable - after each purchase you get an email with a personalized dashboard to track your impact.
Spring '24
Spring '24

Spring '24

Inspired by the melting pot of magic that
makes Miami, the city by the sea, sparkle.

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